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Carrier Review: Nurse N' Go Carrier

Carrier Review: Nurse N' Go Carrier

Disclosure: I received this product free of charge to wear. I am giving this review solely based on my honest opinion. I am not being paid for this review.


I met the creator/designer of the Nurse N’ Go Carrier while presenting at MommyCon Chicago back in March of this year. I was impressed with the design of this carrier and wanted to try it out with #anurbanbabe. The creator of the Nurse N’ Go, Angelique Warner, was kind enough to let me borrow her carrier and rock it for a few months.

The first time I got a chance to use it was MommyCon NYC and it was awesome. An Urban Babe was a little fussy when her father brought her to me because it was nap time. I was on hour 5 of sharing my love for cloth diapers, I had been on my feet all day and here I was with a VERY ANGRY BABY. I whipped out the Nurse N’ Go carrier, covered her head with the nursing cover, did a little bounce dance while I chatted, and patted her back. A few minutes went by and I realized that I didn’t hear any whimpering. I peered under the cover and BOOM – she was asleep. In a room full of hundreds of chatting parents and babies – she had passed out. It was kind of a miracle – because when An Urban Babe is overtired – she tends to fight sleep (and me) for over an hour. She remained comfy in that carrier for almost 3 hours. I was impressed.


I’ve been able to wear the Nurse N’ Go carrier a few more times and here are a few things I really like about it:

It’s comfy: the broad back cover helps distribute the weight of the carrier really well.

It’s stylish: It’s denim – so it makes you look like a cool mom.

Baby loves it: baby likes sitting in this carrier

It’s not too hot: I get hot, baby gets hot – so it’s nice when we wear a carrier that doesn’t add to that heat.

The nursing cover is big but easy to store: it really covers, I’d have no problem nursing and feeling covered – but it doesn’t add bulk to the carrier when you store it.


I don’t have any complaints about this carrier. I would have to find a dry cleaner that would take it – if An Urban Babe ever puked in it – I’d want the denim to remain crisp.


To order the Nurse N’ Go Carrier: Go here.


You can also find out more by following @gogoviecarrier on Instagram.

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