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We’ve BEEN BUSY!!!!

So remember when I alluded to An Urban Babe wanting us to walk him around ALL of the time? That was back in my Dec. 19th post. Well… 2 days later, it was a wrap! He decided then and there that he was walking unassisted. He hasn’t crawled since!


We DID switch An Urban Babe over to a toddler room.


He LOVES it. He sits near his bookshelf, plays with puzzles on his table, smacks the easel like a drum and pulls all of his diapers off their shelf. I like it because he can walk from the Living Room down to his room and back all day long. He gets a sense of independence and I know he’s safe. WIN/WIN!

I’m slowly converting all of our plastic food storage containers into storage for arts, crafts and toys. I’m in the process of purchasing glass containers to replace them. I received a really nice Wean Tub 

by WEAN GREEN at MOMMYCON in Chicago last year.

I’ve been scouring EBAY and Amazon for deals on sets. I really like the lunch and meal sized containers. I cook a lot of toddler food, as well as Adult food in bulk. It would be nice to have a safer chemical free storage options for our food. Plus – I like pretty things and I think the Wean Green products are pretty!

The Beaba Babycook - review

The Beaba Babycook - review

Toddlers have more fun…

Toddlers have more fun…