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The Beaba Babycook - review

The Beaba Babycook - review

The following review is not sponsored by anyone. I am not being paid for my thoughts. I purchased this product myself.

Starting An Urban Babe on solids was pretty daunting for me. If you followed my personal Instagram: TheDGyrl - you would have seen all of the things I bought in preparation for introducing solids. I bought EVERYTHING. I was actually scared that I was going to mess it up and potentially mess up An Urban Babe for life. Funny thing is - people kept telling me that it wasn't that serious and that I was over-thinking it. In reality - that's what I do - I over-think and research, research, research something to death until I can make an informed decision - especially when it comes to An Urban Babe. I kinda don't wanna mess him up.

We decided to do a combination of purees and Baby Led Weaning (more on that in another post). I needed an easy system for making purees - so we decided to get a baby food maker than not only mashed the food - but also cooked it.

The Beaba Babycook is that type of machine. It steams and purees with the flip of a switch.



  • Easy. The directions are simple - you add the amount of water appropriate for the type of food you want to cook and the machine cuts off after the appropriate cooking time. A simple switch changes it from a food cooker to a pureeing machine.
  • Compact. Takes up little space on my counter top.
  • Easy to clean. The removable pieces are super easy to clean.


  • Not so easy to clean. I found that while all the removable pieces were super easy to rinse and dry right after use - I have an issue with buildup inside the water tank. It takes me 3-4 overnight soaks and a little scrub with something small enough to fit in the little hole in order to get the majority of the buildup out. That's not really ideal if you have to make food everyday. It doesn't really matter if you make food once a week or more infrequently.
  • Costly. It retails for around $120. A lot of places offer 20% off on baby products a few times a year - so look for sales.

All in all - after reading a ton of reviews about other baby food makers out there - The Beaba Babycook is perfect for us. Even though An Urban Babe eats dinner with us every night - I like to make his food separately.

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