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Review: Kiinde Twist Pouches 

Review: Kiinde Twist Pouches 

The following review is not sponsored by anyone. I am not being paid for my thoughts. I purchased this product myself.

UPDATE (1/7/16): After actively using the KIINDE system at work for almost a week, I've figured out how to make the bags more accurate: if you run your fingers under the bottom to open up the bag REPEATEDLY - you get a MUCH more accurate reading of the total number of ounces. Spend a good 30-60 seconds running your fingers around the bottom of the bag once or twice to really spread it out. My bags went from being 2 ounces off to being only .25 ounces off. BIG difference. (note: this worked with the batch I got from Target, not sure about batches from Kiinde, Amazon or BRU.)So I've been to 3 mommycons in the last two years. Each time I received a sample kit for the new Kiinde breastmilk and feeding system. I never really paid much attention to it once I got it home. It seemed like another way to feed a baby and I already had bottles.

Fast forward to mommycon Columbus. I was SUPER pregnant with An Urban Babe and since Columbus was more intimate than Chicago I had an opportunity to speak with the Kiinde rep. Once she explained how the system worked - I was hooked. I remembered spending two hours every night when An Urban Toddler was a baby - washing, sanitizing and prepping bottles. Now with two little humans - that just wasn't appealing after a full day's work and before dinner and diaper washing.

The great thing about the Kiinde system is that you pump directly into the bags. There is no need for bottles to pump into, bottles to measure out and bottles for drinking. You use their adapters to fit the bags on your pump falanges, you pump into the bags and you label the bags for freezing or pop them into the Kiinde bottle shaped holder and use their nipple (or your favorite brand's nipple) and feed your baby.

Now for the downside. I used all of my sample bags, I noticed they were about .5-1.0 ounce off. Not a huge deal. Annoying, but not terrible. Kiinde even offered a deal for the slightly off bags after thanksgiving. Cool. However, I purchased 4 boxes of regularly priced bags from Target. These bags were at least 2 ounces off. Now that's a BIG deal. The inconsistencies are stressful. Because I don't have a kitchen scale (if you email their support team, they'll recommend you purchase one to fix the bad bags) so I'm forced to pour out every bag into a plastic bottle in order to get an accurate measurement. This extra step makes the Kiinde system pretty useless for me. The whole point is so that I don't have to wash bottles.

Their support team says they are fixing the bag measurement situation and will roll them out eventually. Unfortunately, that doesn't help me, especially since I'm going back to work in 2 weeks.


Easy to use

Less work than traditional bags/bottle systems

Very little to clean: nipples and adapters only


More expensive than traditional bags -  it cancels out if you don't have to buy other bottles

Difficult to find in stores: Target only carries them online, BRU never has them in stock in store and Amazon is the only other place I've found them. So if you run out, you have to wait at least 2 days to get more.

Sizing is useless. You never know what you're going to get.

I would NOT recommend buying their bags any time soon if need the measurements to be accurate. Just wait until their new bags hit the stores.

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