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MommyCon Columbus 2015

The following review is not sponsored by anyone. I am not being paid for my thoughts. I purchased these tickets myself.

We had a blast. Much smaller than Chicago, but still very fun.  

We really got to spend time with the presenters and vendors. 

I even got in on a free session with the sleep consultant - Rebecca Michi. Those sessions really fill up fast. 

 Ameda had a really cool booth for moms to show why they breastfeed. 

 Met and had a lovely lunch with @expectingmamas. She even held @danitrasmith's baby.

Can't go to MommyCon without my favorite road buddy @danitrasmith. My mother in law took the picture below. Even grandmothers have a ball at MommyCon. 

MommyCon 2016 is now on sale. If you'd like $5 off use the code: STAAR16. Check the map below for the MommyCon 2016 schedule. 

Mama Has Gotta Eat - Hello Fresh Review

Mama Has Gotta Eat - Hello Fresh Review

MommyCon is COMING!

MommyCon is COMING!