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Mama Has Gotta Eat - Hello Fresh Review

Mama Has Gotta Eat - Hello Fresh Review

The following review is not sponsored by anyone. I am not being paid for my thoughts. I purchased this product myself.

When you get home from the hospital after having a baby... The LAST thing you want to think about is going grocery shopping. So - I didn't. I just hoped loving family members would bring food when they came to visit. It was actually a requirement when people came to visit An Urban Tot 2 years ago. My response to requests to visit was always "sure, must bring food." It totally worked. For weeks we had more food than we needed. 

This time my mother came over and cooked the first week. It was awesome. By week 2 I was ready to cook... But still not ready to venture to the grocery store with 2 littles. (It's still sinking in that I'm An Urban Ma of more than one human.)

Luckily the skies opened up and groupon offered a deal on Hello Fresh meal delivery service. One of my friends bought the deal as a gift and I immediately ordered our first week of meals. 

The meals came 4 days later packed very nicely and well labeled. 

The recipes come in a little booklet. The colorful recipes give a clear list of ingredients, steps, extra items needs (mainly pots, bowls, oil and/or butter), and preparation to plate time. 

None of the recipes were foods I've cooked before, but they included a lot of ingredients that I normally cook with. I do have a new appreciation for some of the seasonings and herbs they included: cumin, fresh sage and chili flakes. I could repeat all of the meals again easily with food from my local grocery store.


Personally we buy a lot of organic and local meat and produce. I did notice that the chicken was "all natural" and "minimally processed." One of the seasonings was listed as organic. I couldn't tell the quality of the shrimp and the tomatoes, avocado, garlic and acorn squash seemed to be conventional. I'd prefer to cook with organic or local produce since An Urban Tot eats what we eat and I'm nursing An Urban Babe.

 Recipe quality:

All three of the meals were a BIG hit with An Urban Tot and An Urban Hubs. They loved the taste and originality of each meal. 



Fast delivery



Easy to follow recipes

Ability to select 3 of the 5 meals they offer each week

Referral program

Good portion size: 3 of us were satisfied each meal


Everything isn't organic

Expensive if you order each week: $70 for 3 meals for 2 people. Could probably buy the same ingredients for $40-$50. (I'm actually going to try two of the dishes myself soon - I'll update the cost when I do).

Overall, it was a really good experience. I'd try them again. A week or 3 would be the perfect gift for new parents or someone who has recently had surgery; anyone who can't get out to the store but doesn't mind cooking. 

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