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Aden + Anais Burpy Bib - Review

The following review is not sponsored by anyone. I am not being paid for my thoughts. I purchased this product myself.

An Urban Babe was a CONSTANT puker when he was little. I'm talking - after every meal. So every 2 hours - all day long - I was changing baby clothes. It didn't matter if he burped twice after eating - he still puked. Remind me to tell you about the time he puked in my mouth.... not today though. Anyway, I didn't like keeping him in plastic bibs because he would inevitably fall asleep while nursing and the bib would end up over his face. Having a plastic backed bib over your baby's face can cause a little panic - so we opt'd for no bib. Especially since most bibs are small and wimpy and don't provide much clothing coverage anyway. UNTIL... I found the Burpy Bib from Aden + Anais.



  • It's HUGE. On my girthy 4 month old - it covered his entire neck, chest and clothing down to his elbows on the sides and belly button in the middle.
  • It's SOFT. It's a few layers of soft muslin.
  • It's breathable. Those few layers of muslin allow the baby to still be able to breathe if the bib flops up during naps. *I still don't like to keep a bib on during naps - but I don't panic as much if it happens*
  • It's pretty absorbent. Nothing will keep your clothes as dry as a plastic backed bib - but this muslin bib isn't too shabby. Now that An Urban Babe is 8 months old.. he can wear one bib most of the day.
  • Doubles as a burp cloth. These fit on your shoulder and are perfect for burping.


  • They could be a little more absorbent - but then they'd have to be ULTRA thick. Just have a few on deck and you can swap them out.
  • A little pricey - the Aden brand (which you find at most retail stores) is about $10 a bib. They boutique version retails for around $13 a bib.

All in all. I LOVE my Aden bibs. We have 7 and that really worked for us. I found some on sale for around $7 but found that they were worth the investment even at $10. I didn't splurge for any of the boutique ones. I did splurge on a dream blanket for An Urban Babe and an adult Day Dream Blanket for myself. Look for those reviews soon.

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