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Part 1 of THE CLOTH DIAPER series

Why Cloth Diaper?


Ok, ok - that's not a reason... But let me tell you why I wanted to cloth diaper my babies.

1. I hate chemicals. I try to live as chemical free as I can within reason. So why not try to do the same for my baby. Ever wonder what helps diapers keep baby's skin dry and soak up all that moisture from the urine? Chemicals! All that is right next to your baby's skin for 24 hours a day. Yuck!

2. I want to minimize my (and An Urban Babe's) impact on the environment. Disposable diapers are not biodegradeable. They just sit in land fills for our lifetime. Billions of poopy diapers are just out there....multiplying. Again - yuck! (*We do use Honest Company Diapers on occasion - mainly for babysitters. They are mostly biodegradeable and mostly chemical free).

3. Disposable diapers are so freaking expensive. Have you ever bought a box of disposable diapers? I can buy at least 1 cloth diaper (more depending on the kind you choose) for every box. I have a stash of 30 pocket diapers (and even more prefolds and covers) - that's like 30 boxes of diapers which would only last 30 weeks ....that's not even a year of diapers. Most babies are potty trained around 2 years of age and most cloth diapers last through two children - that 4 years. You do the math!

4. Cloth diapers are so dang cute!!! Nuff said.

5. Cloth is easy to clean. I wash baby clothes a lot... Why not wash diapers too? Cloth has come a long way since the days our foremothers used cloth. You drop them in the wash and hang them to dry and BAM - done!

6. Cloth diapers work just like disposables. I mentioned that cloth has come a long way... They make All-In-One diapers now that are one piece (no stuffing or preparing). They even make ones with velcro (aka aplix) that close just like disposables - dads, grannies and daycare providers love those.

7. Did I mention that they were so dang cute???

8. Cloth babies tend to potty train earlier. Why? Because they can feel the wetness better in cloth diapers and let you know when they need to be changed. That doesn't work for all babies (some don't care if they are wet)... But it works for a a lot of them. *If you're worried about wetness next to baby's skin - don't worry - a lot of diapers have a stay dry layer or you can use microfleece liners over the natural fiber diapers and just remove it when they start potty training.

9. Variety! There at least 9 different kinds of cloth diapers. Don't like a certain style? Try a different one.

10. Breathable. Cloth diapers breathe better than disposables. It's better for baby's skin. You can even incorporate wool if you really want baby's skin to breathe. Wool is naturally water repellant and anti-bacterial. Used as a cover, it's especially great for heavy wetters and overnight.

Things I don't love about cloth diapering...but, there are some solutions.
1. Cloth is expensive. It is upfront - but there are always sales and for them, stalk them and utilize them. They are still a lot cheaper than disposables.

2. I don't like poop! No one does, trust me. You can use liners to minimize having to deal with poop. Some are even disposable. Toss and keep it movin.

3. I hate washing! Not to worry - there are still diaper services out there.. Usually for about $16-$25 a week - they drop off clean diapers and pick up dirty diapers on your doorstep. I decided to find a diaper that had an easy wash method so that my child didn't have to share diapers with stranger-babies.

4. I don't want to carry a poopy diaper around all day in my diaper bag. Get some good disposables for trips outside of the house. Or invest in a good wet bag. They hold in the stink and the wetness....and work for wet clothing, bibs, etc too.

5. My partner/babysitter/child's grandparents aren't on board. Well, I say - teach them (or go to a class with them) so they can learn more. They might see how easy, cost savvy and addictive it can be. If all else fails -'do it anyway and hope they come around.

There are 3 more articles in this series. Stay tuned!




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