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Honest Company Disposable Diapers – Review

Honest Company Disposable Diapers – Review

The following review is not sponsored by anyone. I am not being paid for my thoughts. I purchased this product myself.

We cloth diaper full time now. We started when An Urban Babe was 7 weeks – but still used disposables for outings. I’m not sure why I wasn’t confident enough to cloth outside of the house until almost 4 months – but we’ll talk more about that in another post. My go to diaper for outings and the babysitter.. (and now if we need to use Diaper Rash Cream) is the Honest Company diaper.

I had a small baby – he was only 6.5 lbs at birth and just under 6 lbs when we were discharged. He was in newborn clothes for the first 4 weeks of his life. Because of his small size – regular bumgenius 4.0 diapers were too big to fit properly. I didn’t invest in newborn cloth (I later found that a few places will actually rent out newborn cloth diapers for 6 weeks – shout out to The Little Seedling in Ann Arbor). I also didn’t want to damage my cloth diapers with meconium the first few days after birth. I was interested in finding a disposable that had as few chemicals as possible. It was important for me to keep as much “bad” stuff from touching my baby for as long as possible. Babies wear diapers 24 hours a day. I wouldn’t want the chemicals in some of those “stay dry” diapers to touch a newborn all day and night.

Before An Urban Babe arrived – I ordered 1 pack of nb and 4 size 1 packs – along with 4 packs of wipes from Zulily. I paid about $85. I would later realize what a great price that was when compared to store bought diapers (and note: the current bundle on is 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes for only $79.95 and free shipping). We had to make a few store runs for newborn size diapers around week 2. I was shocked by the price (around $25 for a box of ~90 diapers) – especially since you virtually RUN THROUGH 12-14 diapers a day those first few weeks. I just saw dollar signs rolling out of my pockets. I have since – gotten another bundle of size 2s and size 3s to use for emergencies and pack in the babysitter diaper bag from


  • Eco-friendly diapers. There has been some controversy about how “natural” these diapers are. But when I opened them up and compared them to another more mainstream diaper – the mainstream diaper contained a gnarly smelling gel type substance that was colorful and probably full of chemicals. I didn’t see that with the Honest Diapers.
  • Easy to find – now you can find Honest in retail stores across the country.
  • Not super expensive. For a “natural” diaper – the cost won’t kill you. A bag of Honest diapers will cost you about $14 for 30-40 diapers (depending on the size).
  • Trim – these diapers were nice and trim. I love FLUFF – but these are nice when I have to fit An Urban Babe into pants that don’t LOVE fluff as much as I do.


  • Price. A little pricier than more mainstream diapers and I don’t readily find coupons for Honest diapers. However, if you can sign some friends up – you can get $20 off here and there.
  • Disposable… but that’s not really a con – they just aren’t cloth. lol
  • It used to be availability – but now you can find them at some baby stores. If there is nothing close to you that carries them – then you have to wait 2-5 business days for shipping. That can be a pain if you run out.
  • Overall – we’re sticking with Honest Company disposable for when we just can’t do cloth.

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